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No One Dies Alone, Afraid, Or In Pain

The Tennessee Quality Care Difference

Our care is second to none, and it is customized to your needs. Get the care you and your loved ones deserve today!

Our care is second to none, and it is customized to your needs. Get the care you and your loved ones deserve today!
Veteran Support

Veterans often have unique care needs, and we have built a team that understands and specializes in providing this care. See what we have to offer these national heroes.

Peaceful Passing

The Peaceful Passing Program exists to enhance the final hours of the patient and family’s life. By utilizing the expertise of each member of the hospice team at the patient’s bedside, we are often able to neutralize the fear around these final moments and create a much more supportive environment.

Complementary Therapies

We believe in providing resources to go beyond the normal scope of the hospice benefit to our patients. This includes our offering of complementary therapies, when appropriate, to provide opportunities to find freedom from pain and discomfort during the end-of-life journey.

Wish Program

We believe that hospice care is an opportunity for those nearing the end of life to regain control and live life to the fullest. It is our job as end-of-life caregivers to ensure that our patients have every chance to fulfill their dreams, and leave behind the legacy they choose. Every one is unique, and so are their wishes. That is why we do everything we can to facilitate dreams and help create moments that last a lifetime.

Is it time for hospice?

Hospice Care focuses on comfort and quality of life, rather than cure.

At Tennessee Quality Care, we stress comfort and quality of life at every stage of an individual’s time in our care. When life is limited to days, weeks or months it takes a special person to know how to best help the patient, family and friends make these last moments as comfortable and meaningful as possible.

Tennessee Quality Care Hospice caregivers are highly skilled and expertly trained in dealing with the challenges that end-of-life presents. They wholeheartedly provide our patients and their loved ones with empathy, support and compassion every step of the way. Tennessee Quality Care also provides medical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional support for the terminally ill. Tennessee Quality Care is focused on alleviating the pain experienced during this difficult time and helping individuals cope with dying, death, and grief.

Our full line of hospice care services ensures that the terminally ill live the highest quality of life possible. We employ a team of compassionate healthcare professionals who will be there to provide support and assistance throughout this process.

Our Hospice Care program includes:

  • Nursing Visits by Experienced RNs who are on call 24/7
  • Personal Care by Nursing Assistants
  • Short Term Inpatient Care
  • Respite Care
  • Medications Related to the Hospice Diagnosis
  • Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Visits from Social Workers and Chaplains
  • 13 Month Bereavement Program

​Tennessee Quality Care is dedicated to giving the terminally ill patient the dignity they deserve. Tennessee Quality Care’s commitment is to provide relief from the hardships experienced in the dying process.

Eligibility for hospice care includes a prognosis of six months or less (if the terminal diagnosis follows the expected course) and a certified prognosis by a primary care or hospice physician. Hospice may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and the Veterans Administration.

You Can Trust Us With Your Patients

As one of the longest-standing providers of hospice care in Tennessee, we are familiar with the guilt medical providers may feel about giving a patient up to hospice services.

Our team works towards helping terminally-ill people and their families cope with their situation. We provide compassionate and competent care, which are coupled with personalized treatments so that your patients and their loved ones are assured of comfort during difficult times.

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