Peaceful Passing

Tennessee Quality Care focuses on improving the quality of life of all patients, allowing them to make the most of the time they have. The hospice benefit is designed for patients who have a life expectancy of approximately six months, and we work hard to provide exceptional physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to the patient, family and facilities involved form the beginning to the end of their hospice journey. 

We understand that the last minutes, hours and days prior to death are generally filled with fear, anxiety and an increased need for guidance and comfort.  Our exclusive Peaceful Passing Program exists to enhance the final hours of the patient and family’s life together.  By utilizing the expertise of each member of the hospice team at the patient’s bedside, we often are able to neutralize the fear around these final moments and create a much more supportive environment.

During the final steps in a person’s journey of life, the signs and symptoms of approaching death are unique to each person and condition.  Regardless of the situation our Hospice Team are end-of-life experts that will help everyone navigate this process, and ensure a comfortable, dignified and peaceful passing.

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